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Two hearts that beat as one.

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“Two souls with but a single thoughtTwo hearts that beat as one.”  

I usually reserve my blog entries for special cakes and events and I think this one definitely qualifies. It was May 25th 2012 when Kesha & Dele pulled me aside during a party and said “We plan on getting married in March 2013 AND we want you to do our wedding cake!” At that particular point in time I had only done a few birthday cakes, and was not active via social media, so my immediate reaction was “shock and disbelief”. My response was “I’m not ready to do a wedding cake, I’ve never done one before” to which they responded “After seeing and tasting this cake tonight we are impressed and have no doubt that you can give us what we want.” The cake they were referring to was a cake I did for Charles Emanuel’s surprise Birthday Party.



Charlie’s Cake

Still blown away by the request, I asked for a few days to think it over and respond. After a few days I decided to accept the challenge and “give it a go”. I mean how bad could it really be? I mean, I would have a few months to prepare and practice right?? Well, I got some practice alright! A few weeks after, another couple asked me to complete their August wedding cake.

August’s Wedding Cake

For Dele’s and Kesha’s wedding they requested 100 Chocolate and Vanilla cupcakes (as party favors for guests) + a Burnt Orange Velvet wedding cake – burnt orange being one of the chosen colours for their special day. The months went by like a breeze and it was hard to believe that it was now March 2013. The big day was less than a month away – March 30th was D day… As the day grew closer I became increasingly nervous, and several questions plagued me BUT the vision was clear. I had everything clearly thought out and written down, it was simply to execute now. Over the last year I have had the opportunity to prepare cakes for some large events, so I knew that a few things were bound to go wrong but I also knew that it’s how I dealt with these issues would be the only thing that mattered in the end. Knowing this meant, I had to manage my time perfectly so that when these things popped up I would have enough time to adjust to the circumstances. With all the practice and preparation in tow I set out to create Dele and Kesha’s dream cakes. I first worked on the 100 cupcakes because these needed to be wrapped in little boxes for the guests.


Vanilla cupcakes ready to be filled.

I made a Dulce De Leche filling to fill the cupcakes. I use Dulce De leche quite a bit in my cupcakes (as filling, frosting and even in the cakes). Now,  Dulce de Leche is condensed milk which is slowly heated to create a product that is similar in taste to caramelised sugar. Literally translated, it means “candy of milk. It is popular in South America, notably in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Paraguay.



Chocolate Cupcakes with filling


Each cupcake was topped off with a simple Vanilla frosting.

Now The Cake!!!!!!

With every cake there is a certain level of nervousness that comes. For me, that feeling is multiplied by 10 when creating wedding cakes/cupcakes. I know I’m not alone when I state that wedding cakes tend to be the center of attraction (right after the bride and ceremony of course). I think most persons expect to be wowed upon first sight of the cake, and that is where that nervousness (and pressure) comes from for me. A few months prior, the couple sent me a pic of a cake which they wanted me to recreate, I found it simple yet stunning. I knew if I was able to successfully recreate this, then the bride and groom and guests would be wowed for sure. DSCF5866

Picture of cake to be recreated

After baking several layers of Orange Velvet cake, I started to assemble this masterpiece.


First layer of cake waiting to be “dressed”

DSCF5829 DSCF5830

The layer of the bottom tier

 DSCF5832 DSCF5833

The second layer of the tier

DSCF5834 DSCF5835

Crumb Coat applied

DSCF5838 DSCF5840 DSCF5842

Making sure I get the measurements correct.


DSCF5843 DSCF5844

The second tier


The top tier being assembled

   DSCF5855  DSCF5862 DSCF5860 DSCF5863

The two bottoms tiers being assembled

The bottom tiers were assembled at home while the top tier and the rest of the cake was finished on site – at the reception hall. Assisting me with assembly and setup was my “Aunty” Kerry.


The final cake.

As a special gift we gave the couple a personalized cookie.


Congrats Dele & Kesha!

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