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When I started out making these little cupcakes I never imagined the demand for “regular” sized cakes would be so great! SO imagine my surprise when I was approached by Kessha to create her dream cake for her impending nuptials.

After the initial shock and excitement wore off I responded politely with a no. Why no? Well, I know brides are very particular about every detail of their special day (have you seen that reality show Bridezilla?) At that point I had never done a tiered cake, much less a wedding cake. I felt that my work would not be good enough for such a special day, I explained to Keesha.

A friend of the bride to be convinced me to meet with her to hear her ideas. After thinking about it, one evening in late May I reluctantly met with her .

At this point in May, my plethora social media pages were inactive so all she had to go on were a couple samples of cupcakes from friends and pictures posted on my personal facebook account. 

She was particularly impressed with some butter cream roses I did for mother’s day and wanted those to be a part of her cake.


 “Butter cream roses”


As we spoke about the cake and her ideas, I felt a bit more at ease but still not 100% sold. She explained to me that she wanted a simple cake, nothing fancy. Just a three tier cake with roses in yellow and teal/turquoise adorning the cake.

I told her that I needed a few days to think about it before I accepted the job. It was about 2 days after that I was contacted by a local wedding co ordinator to put together a cake for a vow renewal. Here, I decided to try out a tiered cake for the first time.




Plain 2 tier cake for vow renewal 

After Keesha saw a picture of this cake. She pleaded even more for me to sign on to create her wedding dream cake. After successfully completing my first tiered cake, I felt confident enough to bring to life Keesha’s vision. After, giving my yes to creating her cake, waves of nerves overcame me, and so it would continue for months until the day after the wedding.

I set out to learn as much as I could about constructing a three tiered wedding cake. This included tutorial videos, books and consulting with cake decorators.

I started about a month prior to the nuptials creating the fondant flowers. I wanted to amass at least 100 of these but that was easier said than done.


Fondant Flowers


More Fondant Flowers



In the end, I ended up with about 50 fondant flowers.

Finally the week of the wedding arrived, and so I started preparing the cakes for the tiers. The flavours of cakes requested were fruit (the bottom tier) and red velvet (the top and middle tier).

The night before the wedding I started nervously assembling the cake. 



Chilled Fruit Cake waiting to be assembled




Getting ready to apply crumb coat to fruit cake.


Frosting applied to fruit cake (bottom tier)


“smoothing out” the frosting


applying straws in the bottom tier to support the upper tiers


middle tier is assembledImage

can’t wait to see the finished cake so just “testing out” the roses. Still alot of work to be done.Image

still “testing out”


I did not fully assemble the cake until arrival at the church. 

This was definitely one of the toughest things I have ever done in my life. I think it was the pressure to get it right. I wanted to make sure the cake was perfect and that Keesha and her groom  were pleased.

Thanks Keesha for giving me the opportunity to create your dream wedding cake. 




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