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When we decided to plan a surprise party for Charles, I knew I had to throw my apron into the ring and bake something special. Charlie, as he affectionately known by everyone had become a close friend of mine over the past couple years, so I know I had to create something he would remember for years to come. I knew I wanted to bake a cake plus cupcakes, but I wasn’t sure about the flavours or the appearance.  I wanted to use his favourite things to make this cake special – his favourite colour (blue), favourite dessert flavour (chocolate), his passion (music).

After carefully considering his favourites the inspiration came to me.  For the cake I decided on a vanilla cake with a coconut cream filling with a vanilla frosting. On the cake I wanted musical notes, his tattoos, his social media logo and his favourite artist represented.

For the cupcakes, I wanted a big bold chocolate flavour. I decided to make chocolate cupcakes with a salted caramel filling and Baileys and peanut butter frosting. I would top them with letter shaped cookies spelling “Happy Birthday Charlie”

Crumb coat

It looks a bit rough now but in a few minutes it will be transformed!

the crumb coat is finished! I nicknamed this cake “Big Blue”

After the crumb coat and smoothing out the “rough edges”

On to the cupcakes. Getting ready to fill with the salted caramel

Baileys and peanut butter frosting.

Sugar Cookies

“Big Blue” in all its glory. The top image on the cake is his logo and the other two images are his tattoos. Two cupcakes adorn the corners (22 for his age and the Gemini sign).

The music notes run around the side of the cake.

Cutting into “Big Blue”

Happy Birthday Charlie!!


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