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When we decided to plan a surprise party for Charles, I knew I had to throw my apron into the ring and bake something special. Charlie, as he affectionately known by everyone had become a close friend of mine over the past couple years, so I know I had to create something he would remember for years to come. I knew I wanted to bake a cake plus cupcakes, but I wasn’t sure about the flavours or the appearance.  I wanted to use his favourite things to make this cake special – his favourite colour (blue), favourite dessert flavour (chocolate), his passion (music).

After carefully considering his favourites the inspiration came to me.  For the cake I decided on a vanilla cake with a coconut cream filling with a vanilla frosting. On the cake I wanted musical notes, his tattoos, his social media logo and his favourite artist represented.

For the cupcakes, I wanted a big bold chocolate flavour. I decided to make chocolate cupcakes with a salted caramel filling and Baileys and peanut butter frosting. I would top them with letter shaped cookies spelling “Happy Birthday Charlie”

Crumb coat

It looks a bit rough now but in a few minutes it will be transformed!

the crumb coat is finished! I nicknamed this cake “Big Blue”

After the crumb coat and smoothing out the “rough edges”

On to the cupcakes. Getting ready to fill with the salted caramel

Baileys and peanut butter frosting.

Sugar Cookies

“Big Blue” in all its glory. The top image on the cake is his logo and the other two images are his tattoos. Two cupcakes adorn the corners (22 for his age and the Gemini sign).

The music notes run around the side of the cake.

Cutting into “Big Blue”

Happy Birthday Charlie!!


About Us

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“Flavours by Delano” is a home operated business that bakes desserts. Flavours by Delano is the brain child of Delano – a passionate and dedicated individual who loves food, but more importantly wants to share his love of food and baking with you. An avid baker since his preteen years – he grasped at the opportunity to study culinary arts at Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College, St.kitts. During his tenure at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College, he honed his baking skills through theory and practical courses. Since the completion of his studies and the attainment of an Associate degree in culinary arts, he has had the pleasure of preparing desserts (and food) in restaurants in St.Kitts and South Carolina. Although Flavours by Delano is a small operation, we cut no corners to ensure that we will continually produce quality desserts that satisfy your senses.

Although “Flavours by Delano” specialises in creating stunning, scrumptious & tasty cupcakes, we also create cakes, cheesecakes, cookies and pastries. We love that look of excitement on our clients’ faces when we surpass their expectations, not only in flavour, but presentation, and service.

We are quite aware that you are familiar with (and therefore stick to) the run of mill flavours of cupcakes, but we want to broaden your tastes and appreciation for “left of field” cupcakes. To do this, each month we will introduce to you and feature an interesting cupcake that will not only grab your attention, but also your heart. Want to know more?? You’ll have to wait and see what we are talking about.
We also want to exploit our abundant local produce. Therefore, you will recognise the use of fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs in our creations.
On any given day you will find us making Nutty Monkey (Banana Pecan cupcakes), Red Devils (Red Velvet Cupcakes with a salted caramel filling and white chocolate frosting) or coming up with something brand new.

The concept of “Flavours by Delano” came about in November 2011. It was then that the earthy flavour of chocolate, the nutty flavour of hazelnuts and the heat of chillies were merged to create a Chocolate & Chilli cupcake with A Mocha & Hazelnut Italian butter cream frosting. Since that time “Flavours By Delano” has continued to grow by word of mouth. We are proud, but more so happy to know that our creations have helped several persons celebrate their special occasion.

We operate from our small but capable home kitchen. All of our creations have been produced here.There is definitely no place like home.
It is through dedication, passion and the love of baking (and food) that we are able to consistently produce creations of quality that are second to none.

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